I Come To Your Home To Help Restore Balance Between You And Your Dog

I help families with dog behavior and obedience problems here in Greenville, SC and all surrounding areas.

Using an understanding of natural dog psychology, I help folks find real world answers to their dog troubles. There is hope!

Some have called me Greenville’s “Dog Whisperer.” I just want folks to have a healthy, happy relationship with their canine friends. Scroll down to watch the video and see what our SC Fox News affiliate had to say when they came to watch me in action with some of my clients.

Americans spend tons of money lavishing our dogs with toys, dog parks, doggie daycare and the best of everything. Many times the family dog lives better than the family! Despite all of this… Sometimes a good dog seems to “go bad.”

Maybe it started as a cute “personality trait” or quirk when the dog was young. Maybe you saw a cute little scared looking dog at the shelter and thought… “Oh poor thing he looks like he needs a mommy, he must have been through so much.” Then when you get the little guy home you discover some serious behavior issues.



Just so we are clear… I am not a dog trainer. I will not bring a bag of treats and a clicker to try and bribe your dog to behave. I will not teach your dog to sit, stay, down and all that. If that is what you are looking for then click the following link. You will learn everything you need to know about obedience training by clicking here.

I work with dogs using natural methods based on trust and respect. I communicate with dogs on a primal level to quickly get to the bottom of many behavioral issues. While I am there working with you and your dog, I will help you communicate with your dog in the same primal way so that you can both understand one another.

Many of my clients have been through all sorts of obedience classes trying to find solutions to their behavior problems. While obedience training has it’s place, many times it is just not going to help with behavior issues. Often times folks have spent thousands of dollars on training and devices, when all they really needed was a new understanding of their dog.

When your dogs life is out of balance it can lead to a number of behavior problems!scared doge nervous apprehensive obssessed compulsive skittsh

Let me come help bring you and your dogs life back into balance.

Even some of the most extreme cases can be rehabilitated.

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