Dog Behavior Services

Thank you for your interest in helping your dog become a balanced member of your family! Below you will find three selections to choose from depending on the help you need. Please select one of the following choices so I may better help you with your dog behavior problems

In-Home Behavior Consultation This is the most popular choice for most clients who need help with their dog behavior problems. Dog behaviorist Jason Miller comes to your home to evaluate your situation and create a custom rehab program for you to follow at home.

Camp Dog Trouble Boarding Rehab This program is for those who prefer to have their dog rehabilitated at the Greenville Dog Psychology Center by behaviorist Jason Miller. Often the best choice for serious aggression cases or other serious fears and phobias.

Online dog training and basic obedience Follow this link for a very useful course that can teach you the basics of dog training and obedience at home. This program does NOT replace the serious dog behavior rehabilitation most of my clients need. I suggest this course mostly for those looking for affordable dog training from home.

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