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Charleston sc Greenville Dog Whisperer helps aggressive pit lab mix training obedience Florence

With so many dogs in the Charleston and the entire Grand Strand area of SC, it is no wonder that I get a lot of calls from folks in these areas who are having dog behavior problems.

There are of course tons of qualified dog trainers who can help your dog learn to sit, stay and down with the best of them. Chances are, you may have found that your dog trouble has nothing to do with being able to sit or stay. Obedience trainers are very important, but just don’t have the tools need to help with real extreme dog BEHAVIOR problems at home.

Are you experiencing any of the following types of behaviors?

  • Destroying things
  • Aggressive behaviors towards other dogs, humans or near food
  • Chasing and high prey drive
  • Barking excessively
  • Separation anxiety or fear issues (fear of noises, vacuum cleaners etc)
  • Poor greeting skills / jumping on guests
  • Stealing food or other items

The list of strange, bizarre and serious dog behavior problems includes so much more than I can list here… needless to say if you have tried to get help from trainers in the Charleston or surrounding areas and been told there is no hope. Then you need to call me! The sooner the better! Fox News called me Greenville’s Dog Whisperer years ago and that still rings true to this very day.

I have included a video clip below of a client from Florence, SC whos pitbull / labrador mix violently attacked the elder member of the dog pack. This lead to more than 20 stitches in the older dogs neck. You will see a dramatic shift in behaviors of these folks dogs in just a few short hours. This is actual IN HOME case featuring real dogs and real clients.

Even though I am based in Greenville South Carolina, I travel all over the southeast including Charleston and many of the surrounding areas including Myrtle Beach! So if you need help with your dog behavior trouble, and the trainers and dog obedience folks say there is no hope… CALL ME at 864-248-6472 so we can discuss your case.You can review my in home consultation details for an understanding of what to expect when I come help you. I work with Pack mentality and teach you how to provide what your dog needs psychologically to be balanced.

Now sit back and enjoy this full length 25 minute video…

Charleston sc Greenville Dog Whisperer helps aggressive pit lab mix training obedience Florence

With so many dogs in the Charleston and the entire Grand Strand area of SC, it is no wonder that I get a lot of calls from folks in these areas who are having dog behavior problems.

How can I help my fearful dog who is afraid of everything?

In the morning I am heading off to help a 15 year old Peekapook in Hendersonville, NC that has developed some fear issues. Sometimes those fear issues turn into real problems that make daily life very difficult.

A common call that I get is from folks who have dogs with fear issues that have turned into aggressive outbursts. Much like the elderly Peekapoo I have a date with tomorrow. When vets and groomers start commenting about the teeth and growling is usually about the time I get a call.

The other side of the coin is when the fear turns into avoidance and flight, rather than fight. An extreme example of this is a case from last year where the owner had never even been able to sit in the same with the dog… the poor thing would bolt. The owner rescued a dog that was known to have fear issues and wanted to help the dog and love her back to confidence.

What happened was her sharing of affection in those moments of fear and anxiety actually made the fear worse! The poor dog would run and hide and nearly any noise… tail tucked between her legs…

When the dog is experiencing fearful reactions of a non aggressive nature, just ignore and act like nothing has happened… no “oh poor fido”… you must be a brave and strong leader in order to restore your dogs confidence.

IF you are having a problem with your fearful dog, then make sure you get in touch with me so we can set up a consultation to get you and your dog back on track! I handle a wide range of dog behavior problems that typical dog trainers don’t have any idea how to help you with! That where a behaviorist such as myself comes into play.

Call me now at 864-248-6472

I am at home in Greenville, SC but have numerous clients in the Hendersonville, Asheville and Highlands areas of North Carolina.

~Jason “Greenville’s Dog Whisperer”

The Dog Trainer said to put my dog to sleep for aggression

I often get calls from people here in Greenville, SC and all over the southeast who tell me the same thing after they have told me their story…

They say “The Dog Trainer said to put my dog to sleep for aggression”…

I have been actively seeking the most serious and bizarre dog behavior problems for rehabilitation for nearly the past 10 years as a profession. In that time, I have heard countless stories from my grateful clients that have seen great results with my methods. They had thought everything was hopeless due to one misinformed dog trainer who was afraid of seriously threatening behavior.

If the dog training “expert” that you hire has suggested that your dog should be “put down” due behavior problems, it time to call in a bonafied dog behaviorist like me, Jason Miller. Dog trainers are taught about training familiar behavior through repetition. Often using some sort of modified Pavlovian conditioning… usually the tool of choice for most trainers are clickers and treats.

The reality is, these methods only create limited behaviors linked to words that humans can understand. Examples are “sit, stay, down, come heel” and these commands are simply ways for us humans to get the dog to do what we want. Training though, does NOT focus on the dogs natural needs or instincts.

Imagine a dog trainer arriving with a bag of treats and clicker only to be met by and aggressive, challenging English Mastiff weighing in at nearly 200lbs! Now image that this big dog could care less about your little clicking noise and treats because YOU are now his lunch! Many seriously troubled dogs are NOT food motivated so trying to trade food for wanted behaviors is a loosing battle in many cases.

Now image that you could communicate in the dogs natural methods. This is what a Dog Behaviorist does… but not all dog behaviorists are the same! The most effective behaviorists are the ones who eat, sleep and breathe pack mentality similar to famed behaviorist Cesar Millan. Many people call us “Dog Whisperers” because we can arrive at your home and within mere minutes have evaluated the situation and be influencing totally different behaviors in your dog.

NEXT and most important is that a qualified Behaviorist has the ability to TEACH YOU how to communicate with your dogs in a natural way that harnesses your body language and energy. This is why I come to my clients homes to help correct these problems. I can see what the dog is trying to communicate and help the owners understand and communicate BACK. By teaching through example, my clients learn the basics of dog psychology and pack mentality.

I often arrive to aggressive greetings that send trainers running for the hills. There is one very well known local trainer right here in Greenville, SC that has told nearly a dozen people that they should put their dog down for aggression. Thankfully a lot of his clients find me after that… but I do have to wonder how many take the poor advice!

Dog are NOT throw away! The practice of euthanasia to deal with our own human ignorance of dog behavior is a practice that should not be allowed in 2011 heading into 2012. Yet everyday there is a dog trainer telling unknowing clients that they should kill their dog! Veterinarians are guilty of the same suggestion as are some groomers and other dog “professionals.”

My advice to dog trainers and vets who do not understand canine fear, aggression and other behaviors is this. Please find a local dog whisperer who has the real life experience to help your clients when “training” doesn’t work. Rather then suggest a horrid end to an already troubled home, have them call me or some other behaviorist who specializes in pack mentality.

This is a very dangerous occupation so there are not very many people willing to intervene when things go bad. In fact there are very few of us servicing the United States that my travels have me helping families in much of the southeast including Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Since there are so few of us, I also travel anywhere in the United States where my clients need me.

Euthanasia for the sake of not wanting to deal with our dogs behavior problems is NOT an answer. If you think it is then I encourage you to read THIS blog post entitled: Animal Shelter Realities… Adopt don’t shop

If you are in need of help for your serious dog behavior problems then give me call. I am Jason Miller and you can reach me at 864-248-6472

Are you in Asheville NC, Hendersonville or Charlotte and need dog behavior help?

Many folks are not aware that I am also available for dog behavior consultations outside of my home area.

Fact is, I service clients all over South Carolina, North Carolina and parts of  Georgia! I regularly consult with dogs and their people in the Asheville area as well as Hendersonville, Tryon and surrounding parts of NC. I even service Charlotte and Atlanta!

So if you are having a dog behavior problem, and no one seems to be able to help. Give me a call! I can help you solve your dog behavior problems, even when dog trainers and obedience classes haven’t worked. From fear issues to aggression, I can help.

As you may know, the Asheville dog laws can be strict. From the leash law to the “one bite” law. If your dog is having behavior problems then act now before it gets worse.

I look forward to helping you find peace with your canine companion. Call me to see if your case qualifies for an in home consultation. Find out why so many families trust my help and Fox News called me “Greenville’s Dog Whisperer”…

There are no additional travel charges for most parts of Asheville, Tryon and Hendersonville… slight travel charges apply beyond 50 miles from 29611.