Video>> Dog Whispering on Fox News with DogTrouble.Net

Most of you on my friends list from the Greenville area will remember when I was on Fox 21 news earlier this year. I never got around to uploading the second video in the series. That second segment was the day Fox invited me to meet them at the dog park. Many of you missed that clip and asked if I still had it.

For those of you who are new to my friends list here in the Fort Campbell and surrounding areas, enjoy these news videos and spread them around! There really is help for dogs with behavior problems and I am here to help folks in need.

Even when nothing else has worked, I can help. Being new to this area I thought I would share a little example of what my home town media thinks of the work I do.

Feel free to enjoy these videos and spread them all around to your friends. If you know of someone who has serious behavior problems with their dog, please let them know that something CAN be done to help! They will thank you!

Fox News Video 1: In home dog behavior consultations with Jason

Fox News Video 2: Jason at the Dog Park With Fox