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How can I help my fearful dog who is afraid of everything?

In the morning I am heading off to help a 15 year old Peekapook in Hendersonville, NC that has developed some fear issues. Sometimes those fear issues turn into real problems that make daily life very difficult.

A common call that I get is from folks who have dogs with fear issues that have turned into aggressive outbursts. Much like the elderly Peekapoo I have a date with tomorrow. When vets and groomers start commenting about the teeth and growling is usually about the time I get a call.

The other side of the coin is when the fear turns into avoidance and flight, rather than fight. An extreme example of this is a case from last year where the owner had never even been able to sit in the same with the dog… the poor thing would bolt. The owner rescued a dog that was known to have fear issues and wanted to help the dog and love her back to confidence.

What happened was her sharing of affection in those moments of fear and anxiety actually made the fear worse! The poor dog would run and hide and nearly any noise… tail tucked between her legs…

When the dog is experiencing fearful reactions of a non aggressive nature, just ignore and act like nothing has happened… no “oh poor fido”… you must be a brave and strong leader in order to restore your dogs confidence.

IF you are having a problem with your fearful dog, then make sure you get in touch with me so we can set up a consultation to get you and your dog back on track! I handle a wide range of dog behavior problems that typical dog trainers don’t have any idea how to help you with! That where a behaviorist such as myself comes into play.

Call me now at 864-248-6472

I am at home in Greenville, SC but have numerous clients in the Hendersonville, Asheville and Highlands areas of North Carolina.

~Jason “Greenville’s Dog Whisperer”

Aggressive Greenville, SC Chihuahuas get help from Dog Whisperer Jason Miller

I got a call recently from some folks located here in Greenville, SC about a problem they were having with their aggressive Chihuahuas. The man of the house explained that he had been bitten by the older chihuahua named Luigi, and he was concerned that the younger one was learning these behaviors.

When I arrived, I was greeted with a very ferocious chihuahua bearing teeth and trying to get out and attack me. This is a common reason that my clients call me out to help… They often have unruly dogs that dominate the door. Since this case included a bite, I considered it an emergency case and headed right over. When I got there it looked like a case of what some would call “chihuahuas from hell”…

I have included the first part of the 2 part video series so make sure you follow the link at the end to watch part 2! Within one visit a dramatic change is observed in the respect these two dogs show their owners at the door. The owners learn how to communicate using their body language and energy so the dogs understand hat they want. Thanks to the pack mentality, the changes in behavior of the older more dominant dog will positively influence the young pup Yoshi. Their new understanding of dog psychology will serve them well in building a strong pack that is balanced and happy.

If you have having extreme dog behavior problems, then you need to give me a call. I do not teach “sit, stay and roll over” because I am not a dog trainer. Training will NOT help the most severe problems. I am a dedicated dog behaviorist who has been helping with the worst behavior problems all over the south east for nearly a decade. Aggression, biting, fear, nervousness, anxiety, destructive behaviors, barking and many other serious problems CAN be rehabilitated providing YOU have the time, patience and are willing to LEARN.

So it doesn’t matter if you are from Greenville, Spartanburg, Columbia or Myrtle Beach… I travel all over the southeast helping folks with dog problems. North Carolina, South Carolina Georgia and beyond… Give me a call now if you need help fast. I can help!

Now here is Luigi and Yoshi…