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Upstate woman dies after needless Pit Bull attack 2013

For nearly a decade I have been helping people all over the southeast with serious dog behavior problems. I can tell you exactly what went wrong with the Pit Bull in Greenwood, SC… I will also have to say SHAME ON EVERY MEDIA OUTLET IN THE UPSTATE! They do do not once bother contacting Greenville’s very own dog behavior expert in an attempt to post an accurate news story.

While the NEWS story reports that there had never been an incident with this dog, the unidentified neighbor IN THE STORY contradicts this. The unidentified neighbor states that this Pit Bull HAD growled at his family and HAD attacked his dog!

Does that sound like “out of the blue” to you? “Suddenly” became aggressive? In an attempt to help educate dog owners and the MEDIA. No dog has ever “suddenly” turned on it’s human. Dogs WILL however begin testing authority… if you do not understand how to overcome these tests then the dogs behavior will continue out of control.

By understanding the warning signs like: growling at inappropriate times, attacking neighbors dogs, being territorial and exhibiting dominant behavior… you can STOP these behavior before they LEAD UP to a brutal attack on a family member. One story even boasts how the dog slept in bed with the kids.. folks that is a territorial problem waiting to happen! Dogs should sleep on the floor not in bed with humans… for many reasons.

Just so readers understand… There is no such thing as a bad dog… only a bad OWNER. Don’t be a bad owner. Just like when Edwin McCains child was attacked by a dog here in Greenville, there were warning signs.

I am always available to the media as an expert on preventing this type of dog violence and have extensive client support as to the effectiveness of my Canine Psychology program, yet media rarely has an interest in this side of work. Funny how they always want to interview me, and do huge 3 hour specials on my Greenville Ghost Tour. So if there are any responsible reporters left, pay attention… you could HELP people NOT die by asking me for insights about the increasing dog behavior problems in the USA. It is getting worse folks.

Dogs need THREE things in order to remain balanced….

  1. Physical exercise (running in the yard won’t cut it!)
  2. Discipline (rules and boundaries NOT punishment)
  3. Affection (goes at the bottom of the list)

Provide those and this type of senseless violence will NOT happen.

I am going to continue taking the news outlets to task for being RACISTS. You heard me! By focusing only on sensationalized stories about Pit Bulls, Rottweilers or similar large breed dogs, the media shows it is incapable of benefiting the community it claims to serve.

I am the one man who has spent the last 10 years of his life actually helping rehabilitate the most serious dog behavior problems in the Carolinas, Virginia, Alabama and all points in between. Ask ME what dogs are hurting more people and I will assure it is NOT Pit Bulls and other “Power Breeds.” In my real world experience you are far more likely to be injured by an out of balance small breed dog or typical family dog! The dogs I am seeing regularly are the chihuahuas, labs, pointers, retrievers and the like! Only rarely is the caller on my phone calling because of a Pit Bull problem…

In fact, did you know more Pit Bulls die at dog fighting rings for NOT fighting??? Read that again folks! When you read the statistics of dog bite and maulings, those reports are gathered by searching through news articles. The funny thing is the news rarely reports any attacks other than large breed dogs! They sensationalize! Call the news and tell them your cute fluffy Coton De Tulear ripped a childs cheek off… they won’t care! So the small dog attacks on people go largely unreported and undocumented… Further skewing the factual data.

It is sad that reporters like Casey Vaughn and others who report these cases don’t bother to tell folks that there IS help if you think your dog is showing these behaviors. They want you to see the brutal “truth” as they present it…

Sadly these reporters who flock to hear my ghost stories every year ALL KNOW that I rehabilitate ALL forms of dogs behavior problems and work with ALL breeds. I comment on the lunacy to nearly every reporter. Yet their only interest is in the sensational…

Maybe one responsible reporter will see this blog post and be hit with how useless it is to sensationalize this stuff… instead we should be showing people that there IS help for these kinds of dog behavior problems BEFORE someone else DIES. Every local news outlet covered the violence… not ONE bothered to show people how to get help for THEIR dogs! Dog trainers don’t know the answer either!

My heart goes out to the family who experienced this loss. My heartfelt plea is that you call me for a consultation before you bring another power breed into your home. I can help you prevent this from happening again.

Here is the original Fox News coverage of the Greenwood dog attack

FOX Carolina 21

Charleston sc Greenville Dog Whisperer helps aggressive pit lab mix training obedience Florence

With so many dogs in the Charleston and the entire Grand Strand area of SC, it is no wonder that I get a lot of calls from folks in these areas who are having dog behavior problems.

There are of course tons of qualified dog trainers who can help your dog learn to sit, stay and down with the best of them. Chances are, you may have found that your dog trouble has nothing to do with being able to sit or stay. Obedience trainers are very important, but just don’t have the tools need to help with real extreme dog BEHAVIOR problems at home.

Are you experiencing any of the following types of behaviors?

  • Destroying things
  • Aggressive behaviors towards other dogs, humans or near food
  • Chasing and high prey drive
  • Barking excessively
  • Separation anxiety or fear issues (fear of noises, vacuum cleaners etc)
  • Poor greeting skills / jumping on guests
  • Stealing food or other items

The list of strange, bizarre and serious dog behavior problems includes so much more than I can list here… needless to say if you have tried to get help from trainers in the Charleston or surrounding areas and been told there is no hope. Then you need to call me! The sooner the better! Fox News called me Greenville’s Dog Whisperer years ago and that still rings true to this very day.

I have included a video clip below of a client from Florence, SC whos pitbull / labrador mix violently attacked the elder member of the dog pack. This lead to more than 20 stitches in the older dogs neck. You will see a dramatic shift in behaviors of these folks dogs in just a few short hours. This is actual IN HOME case featuring real dogs and real clients.

Even though I am based in Greenville South Carolina, I travel all over the southeast including Charleston and many of the surrounding areas including Myrtle Beach! So if you need help with your dog behavior trouble, and the trainers and dog obedience folks say there is no hope… CALL ME at 864-248-6472 so we can discuss your case.You can review my in home consultation details for an understanding of what to expect when I come help you. I work with Pack mentality and teach you how to provide what your dog needs psychologically to be balanced.

Now sit back and enjoy this full length 25 minute video…

Charleston sc Greenville Dog Whisperer helps aggressive pit lab mix training obedience Florence

With so many dogs in the Charleston and the entire Grand Strand area of SC, it is no wonder that I get a lot of calls from folks in these areas who are having dog behavior problems.

Aggressive Greenville, SC Chihuahuas get help from Dog Whisperer Jason Miller

I got a call recently from some folks located here in Greenville, SC about a problem they were having with their aggressive Chihuahuas. The man of the house explained that he had been bitten by the older chihuahua named Luigi, and he was concerned that the younger one was learning these behaviors.

When I arrived, I was greeted with a very ferocious chihuahua bearing teeth and trying to get out and attack me. This is a common reason that my clients call me out to help… They often have unruly dogs that dominate the door. Since this case included a bite, I considered it an emergency case and headed right over. When I got there it looked like a case of what some would call “chihuahuas from hell”…

I have included the first part of the 2 part video series so make sure you follow the link at the end to watch part 2! Within one visit a dramatic change is observed in the respect these two dogs show their owners at the door. The owners learn how to communicate using their body language and energy so the dogs understand hat they want. Thanks to the pack mentality, the changes in behavior of the older more dominant dog will positively influence the young pup Yoshi. Their new understanding of dog psychology will serve them well in building a strong pack that is balanced and happy.

If you have having extreme dog behavior problems, then you need to give me a call. I do not teach “sit, stay and roll over” because I am not a dog trainer. Training will NOT help the most severe problems. I am a dedicated dog behaviorist who has been helping with the worst behavior problems all over the south east for nearly a decade. Aggression, biting, fear, nervousness, anxiety, destructive behaviors, barking and many other serious problems CAN be rehabilitated providing YOU have the time, patience and are willing to LEARN.

So it doesn’t matter if you are from Greenville, Spartanburg, Columbia or Myrtle Beach… I travel all over the southeast helping folks with dog problems. North Carolina, South Carolina Georgia and beyond… Give me a call now if you need help fast. I can help!

Now here is Luigi and Yoshi…

Aggressive Greenville, SC dog cured! Dog behaviorist Jason can help bad dogs recover! forget bark busters barkbusters

I am so pleased to have the opportunity to help so many people with their dog behavior problems here in South Carolina and beyond. It doesn’t matter if you are in Greenville, Columbia, Myrtle Beach, Clemson or Anderson…. I have clients all over SC & NC.

A red zone aggression case came my way recently that brought reason for great concern. This cute little dog had been getting aggressive with strangers and kids and had chased and pinned a lawyer neighbor against a wall! Imagine how ugly that could have gotten!

Before things got any worse, I rushed over to help get things back in balance…


Watch this video to see how well behaved Chloe the dog is now a month after ONE single consultation with me. I am always happy to see clients follow through with the program and love seeing their amazing results.

If you or someone you know is having serious dog behavior problems….

Have them visit me here at DogTrouble.Net or call me at 864.248.6472 ~Jason

There IS hope!

Are you in Asheville NC, Hendersonville or Charlotte and need dog behavior help?

Many folks are not aware that I am also available for dog behavior consultations outside of my home area.

Fact is, I service clients all over South Carolina, North Carolina and parts of  Georgia! I regularly consult with dogs and their people in the Asheville area as well as Hendersonville, Tryon and surrounding parts of NC. I even service Charlotte and Atlanta!

So if you are having a dog behavior problem, and no one seems to be able to help. Give me a call! I can help you solve your dog behavior problems, even when dog trainers and obedience classes haven’t worked. From fear issues to aggression, I can help.

As you may know, the Asheville dog laws can be strict. From the leash law to the “one bite” law. If your dog is having behavior problems then act now before it gets worse.

I look forward to helping you find peace with your canine companion. Call me to see if your case qualifies for an in home consultation. Find out why so many families trust my help and Fox News called me “Greenville’s Dog Whisperer”…

There are no additional travel charges for most parts of Asheville, Tryon and Hendersonville… slight travel charges apply beyond 50 miles from 29611.