Dog park tips

Jason’s Dog Park Tips

  1. Be sure that your dog is in good health, has all their shots and is spayed or neutered. If you dog is ill or not fixed then skip the dog park.
  2. Walk your dog before entering the park! The dog park is never to replace exercise. If you arrived at the park by car then walk your dog briskly for 30 minutes or so before you go in. This will help use up some energy so you don’t take an excited dog into the park.
  3. The dog park is not a place to “get a break” from your dog. You must take full responsibility for your dogs behavior and be aware of what she is doing 100% of the time.
  4. Make sure your dog is in a submissive calm state of mind. Unstable energy will certainly attract a fight. If your dog is aggressive, fearful, weak or excited then you are asking for trouble at the dog park.
  5. If your dogs social skills are in question, or if you are not yet established as your dogs pack leader, or if she is skittish or charges at other dogs, then you should arrange a way to socialize your dog in a more controlled manner. Try smaller meetings with a friend who has a dog or two.

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